Iran’s apple wholesalers

Iranian apple wholesalers

Nowadays, apple harvesting has been done in most of the cities in Iran. Maragheh, Damavand, Semirom, Isfahan, and Khorasan province are producing about 90% of apples in Iran.
2020 is the year which the trees do not bear as much as they used to be in compared to two years ago.
off-season and early frost in some parts of the country caused problems for farmers and Iranian apple producers as well as Iran’s apple wholesalers do not work like the last year.
In an interview with Mr. Mohammad Ebrahimi(who is honored by president Khatami due to the highest standards of apple cultivation).
Mr. Ebrahimi said:
This year because of early frost we harvested about 60% less than the previous year.

Red apples in 10kg (8.5kg net) plastic baskets

Also, he mentioned:
This year trees are passing their off-season period. He added: in off-season years the productivity of trees decreases 30-40%.
Apple wholesalers in Iran offer their products in average 350-500 USD per ton for Red varieties and 550-570 (base on City of origin and quality) for yellow apples.
Prices are gained due to the low amount of supply.
Mr. David Babai another honored and apple producer in Damavand in an interview with Humand said:
This year, trees were less productive in Damavand and I harvest about one-third of the last year.
He said: because of the scarcity of apples it is estimated the price of apple increases to 1 USD per Kg near NOWRUZ (Iranian new year).
He added: after apples were harvested, I carried my products to a cold storage place for increasing maintenance, preserve quality and shelf life.
Another apple wholesaler told Humand:
Last year 60-70% of the cold storage places used to work by 100% of their capacity, but this year 10-15% of the rooms are fully loaded.

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